Summer Music School

January 8 – 19, 2018
during weekdays 9am- 3:30pm (drop off from 8:30am and an After School Program until 5:30pm for an additional fee)
Canberra Girls Grammar School
Canberra’s own unique music program of excellence for young people 5 – 21 years.
Artistic Director Stephen Leek


Celebrating 49 years of offering high quality, fun and educative programs to Canberra’s young people. You can be a seasoned musician or an absolute beginner…the YMS Summer Music School caters for all levels of experience in 5 unique programs of education and fun during the summer school holidays. Learn a new instrument or discover more on an instrument you already play, and make new musical friends through ensemble playing, a wide range of exciting arts electives, and numerous group-arts-related creative activities.


Junior Music Program (K- Year 1)                           Directed by Christina Refshauge
Primary Music Program (Year 2 – 4)                      Directed by Scott Temby
Senior Music Program (Year 5 – 12)                       Directed by Rueben Lewis
Advanced Music Program (14 years of age +)      Directed by Stephen Leek

After School Program (until 5:30 daily for Primary aged students for an additional fee) Directed by Lisa Gill

Junior Music Program (K- Year 1) Directed by Christina Refshauge
A fun-filled program of musical games, songs and dance for the Kindergarten and Year 1 children that introduces them to basic musical concepts and prepares them for further pursuits in music education and creative arts activities.



Primary Music Program (Year 2 – 4) Directed by Scott Temby Designed for absolute beginners and young children who have a limited experience in music, this program offers children in Years 2 to 4 at school in 2018 the opportunity to experience music concepts, learn the basics of a new instrument and be engaged in a range of diverse musical and artistic activities in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

With lessons everyday students in the Primary Program will choose a beginner instrument or continue learning an existing instrument from the following: violin, ‘cello, flute (class full) , clarinet (class full), ukulele (class full), trumpet, keyboard (class full), drumming (class full). Instruments can be hired from the YMS if needed. In Homeroom classes students will also benefit from the development of musicianship skills under trained musical staff.

Every day all students in the Primary Program will be involved in a range of activities including  the creation and presentation of a music theatre work that will be presented in the open concert on Day 9 of the school. Every afternoon there will be a series of rotating arts activities that will include art, percussion games, outdoor activities, movement and dance, theatre games etc. and preparations for the music theatre performance. There will also be social activities that will give students the opportunity to meet new people and make new life-long friendships.

Senior Music Program (Year 5 – 12) Directed by Rueben Lewis This program for students in Year 5 – 12 at school in 2018 is built around involvement in a wide range of musical activities that create opportunities for students to experience new instruments or continue to develop the skills they might already have, to have a choice of a wide range of creative electives and to further develop artistic skills in small and large group ensembles.

Instrument Class: Students choose an instrument from the following in beginner or intermediate classes that include violin, cello (class withdrawn) , double bass, flute (class full), clarinet, saxophone, french horn (class full), trumpet, trombone, tuba, drum kit, dance, keyboard, and electric and acoustic guitar. Instruments can be hired from the YMS if needed.  Because all of our other dance classes are now full in the instrument learning session, we have created a new dance class called Cheeky Moves for you to choose if you would like a dance class during the Summer Music School day.

Elective: Students can choose one elective for daily lessons in:
Playin’ the Blues – (no prior skills required)
Art and Music – creating visual art to music (no prior skills required)
Drumming up a Storm – a world of pulsating rhythm (no prior skills required) SORRY CLASS FULL please choose another option
Music Theatre Games – fun with music and theatre (no prior skills required)
A Journey into Early Music – a journey in Renaissance, mediaeval and celtic music (skills on an instrument would be an advantage)
Jazz Improvisation  (skills on an instrument are required)
Standing Out the Front – Conducting (no prior skills required)
Music with Friends  – playing chamber music (skills on an instrument are required)
Folk Music (skills on an instrument are required)
Song Writing (no prior skills required)
Learning about Jazz (skills on an instrument would be an advantage)
Contemporary Dance Moves (no prior skills required) SORRY CLASS FULL please choose another option
Instrumental Composition (no prior skills required)
Sound Technology (no prior skills required)
Music and Film (no prior skills required)

Ensemble: Every afternoon students will participate in an ensemble from the following:
Concert Band (skills on concert band instrument required)
Music Theatre Troupe (no prior skills required) SORRY CLASS FULL please choose another option
Free Improvisation Initiative (no prior skills required)
Dance Theatre (no prior skills required) SORRY CLASS FULL please choose another option
Strings Alive (String Ensemble) (skills on a string instrument required)
Rock It Out (Rock Ensemble) (skills on a rock instrument required)
Highly Strung Guitar Ensemble (skills on guitar required)
A World of Music (World Music Ensemble) (skills on an instrument are required)
Boom and Crash Percussion (no prior skills required)
Cool Jazz (skills on a jazz instrument required)


Advanced Music Program (14 – 18 years of age) Directed by Stephen Leek
This is a program for the serious music student who is looking to an intensive and challenging experience. Led by some of Australia’s leading musicians, teachers and composers, this is a program for young musicians 14 – 18 years of age who have a level of mastery over their instrument, who want to excel, who want to succeed and who want to experience the thrill of quality music-making with other like-minded young people.



All initial enquiries should be directed to

The YMS Summer Music School is proudly supported by The Music Academy @ Canberra Girls Grammar School




General Information

DATES            Monday 8 January to Friday 19 January 2018 (weekdays)

TIMES             9:00am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday (includes 15 minute recess and 45 minute lunch)   (drop off after 8:30am) An After-School Program until 5.30pm is available for Primary-school-aged children for an additional cost per child for the two weeks.

PLACE            Canberra Girls Grammar School, Melbourne Ave. Deakin


Guidelines for determining standard of students
Beginners – where a student has no experience on that instrument or has only been learning that instrument for up to 2 or so years and are still learning basic concepts (fingerings, reading, intonation, embouchure etc.)
Intermediate – the student is at a stage where they have technical and musical fluency on their instrument with a maturity to deal with more complex concepts in music education, ensemble playing and musicianship
Advanced – the student is at a stage where they have an advanced facility on the instrument and an understanding of its musical potential (AMEB Grade 5+) and where a student is looking for considerably more challenging and demanding musical experience

Cancellation Policy
In the event of a cancellation within two weeks of commencement of the Summer Music School (SMS), and after the non-refundable deposit and the YMS  family membership are deducted, a refund of 75% of the remaining fees may be refunded.

In the event of a cancellation after two weeks prior to the starting date of SMS, no refund will be extended unless a medical certificate is provided.

If during the SMS or in the event of expulsion from the SMS, no refund will apply.

CONTACTS    Phone – (02) 6251 8017 or

The YMS Summer Music School is a 2 week non-residential program focusing on music and performing arts.    The school caters for 400 students with five different programs tailored to meet the needs of students who are beginners with no previous musical experience, along with students who have some musical skills, as well as high musical achievers.

YMS Summer Music School Fees

At this late stage all enrolment applications must be accompanied by full payment of the fees. This can be paid by phone, credit card or direct deposit. Details are below.

On receipt of your enrolment form an invoice will be issued for the amount owing, which must be paid within 2 days.  A $30 fee will apply for late payments.

The fees to attend YMS Summer Music School are:

  • $30 – 2018 YMS Family Membership plus
  • $600 –  for first child
  • $580  – for subsequent children
  • GST is payable for students 13yrs and older (as at 8/1/18)

Optional extras:

  • $55 per instrument hire where required
  • $140 After School Care per student for 2 weeks (children in Years K-6 only)

The Young Music Society is Registered Care for the Child Care Benefit. For further information about Registered Care, see here

Proudly supported by the The Music Academy @ Girls Grammar School