Instrument Hire

The Society owns a wide range of musical instruments, from acoustic guitars to xylophones! (see table below)

Instruments are available for hire on a school term basis at very reasonable rates, in a mix of student sizes.

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You can keep your instrument to practice during the term holidays, but most instruments need to be returned in December each year for servicing. The instruments are then hired to students attending Summer School. Instruments may be rehired after Summer Music School.

To hire from the society you must be a financial member. This costs $30 for a calendar year. Sign up online or join when you collect your instrument.

All instrument rates include a $250 bond (that includes a non-refundable $50 service fee per instrument per hire)



Instrument Fee Per Term
Flute $60
Curved Head Joint (for Flute) $15 minimum 2 term hire
Piccolo $45 **Special Rate!**
Oboe $90
Tiger Oboe (for K-6) $30 **Special Rate!**
Clarinet $60
Bass Clarinet $90
Bassoon $90
Saxophone- Alto $90
Saxophone- Soprano $90
Saxophone- Tenor $90
Recorders (Sop, Alto, Tenor, Bass) $15 (minimum 2 term hire)
Bowed String  
Violin $45
Viola $45
Cello $75
Double Bass $90
Plucked String/Electronic
Dulcimer $30
Electric Guitar & Electric Bass $30
Guitar Amp & Bass Amp $15
Mandolin $30
Guitar Acoustic $30
Digital Piano (weighted keys) $75
Keyboard (limited octaves) $15  (minimum 2 term hire)
Trumpet $60
Cornet $60
French Horn $75
Tenor Horn $60
Euphonium $60
Trombone $60
Tuba $90
Percussion and Other  
Drum kit $70
Xylophone (3½ Oct) $90
Didgeridoo $15
Bagpipe Chanter $15

Instrument Hire – Conditions of Hire 2017

  1. Instrument Hire is only available to current financial members of the Young Music Society Inc.. Membership for 2017 is $30 and is reneweable on 1 January each year. All instruments remain the property of the Young Music Society Inc..
  1. Instrument Hire is contracted by advertised ACT school terms and may be renewed term by term, until the end of the school year, by credit card online at, or by direct deposit into the Society’s bank account. (BSB112 908, A/c 040035697 – please quote your family surname plus YMS ID).

Term Hire Periods for 2017    (overlapping dates indicate Hire can be in either term)
Term 1   January 30 – April 7                                    Due date for payment: Feb 3
Term 2   April 24 – June 30                                       Due date for payment: April 28
Term 3   July 17 – September 22                              Due date for payment: July 21
Term 4   October 9 –  December 15                          Due date for payment: October 13
Summer Holiday Hire December 15 – January 30 Due date for payment: December 22

The instrument may be hired or returned at any time during the year. If a hire takes place after week 6 of a term then 75% of the full hire fee and bond is required.  Please phone or email YMS to make an appointment to hire or return an instrument.  Summer Holiday Hire is only available if the instrument is not required at Summer Music School and this will be advised by YMS staff.  All instruments must be returned for stocktake after Term 4.

  1. Instrument hire carries a $250 bond (per instrument) that includes a non-refundable service fee of $50 (per instrument):
  • Families who make payments for renewal after the due payment dates will forfeit $30 of the refundable deposit per term.
  • Families who return their instruments on or before December 15, 2017 will receive the full refundable deposit, less any additional deductions (see below).
  • Families who return their instrument by December 22 will receive 75% refundable deposit, less any additional deductions (see below).
  • Families who return their instrument after December 22, without prior arrangement from the YMS, will forfeit all of their refundable deposit in addition to the service and hire fee.

The remaining Refundable Deposit will be returned by Direct Deposit on completion of the instrument being checked and serviced if necessary (see Point 4).

  1. At the time the instrument is hired, a visual inspection will take place by YMS staff and the condition of the instrument noted on file (a photograph will be kept). When the instrument is returned it will again be checked by YMS staff for any superficial damage and the general condition documented. In cases of concern the instrument will be checked by an instrument technician who will report any damage that is not visually noticeable, and is more than the usual wear-and-tear aging of the instrument. The specialist written report will then be passed to the YMS Office and then on to the hirer for reimbursement up to the value of $500 which may be automatically deducted from the refundable bond if necessary. Should the hirer fail to meet such costs, the YMS will take appropriate legal action to recover such costs and any legal and other costs incurred.
  1. Care and return of the hired instrument is the responsibility of the person to who will be using it (see above) and the instrument must not be passed on to or used by any other person. The hired instrument must be returned personally by an adult in the same family who hired the instrument.
  1. Repairs required during the Hire period must only be carried out by a repairer approved by the YMS, in accordance with Point 4. Do not undertake any repairs before speaking to YMS Staff, with the exception of replacing broken strings and reeds.
  1. Instruments must be stored in a cool, dry climate, and should not be left in heat for excessive amounts of time (e.g. in a car). Stickers or labels must not be attached to any instrument, except for teaching purposes in which case they must be completely removed before returning them (including any residue). The cost of removing stickers from instruments will be passed on to the Hirer as per point 4, at $20/instrument.
  1. Violin, Cello, Viola and Double Bass Hirers

All bowed string instruments carry a $60 bow bond which is included in the refundable bond.  Hire for these instruments comes with a bow.  Families who do not return the bow in the original condition will forfeit their bow bond (based on the tension of the bow), as the YMS will have to replace it.  To keep your bow in good condition, make sure it is always loosened when not playing the instrument.  Broken strings for bowed strings must be replaced with Pirastro Piranito strings at the hirer’s cost.  You can contact the YMS for a list of suppliers.

  1. Guitar Hirers

Broken strings for guitars must be replaced by D’Addario strings at the hirer’s cost. You can contact the YMS for a list of suppliers.

  1. Brass Hirers

Brass instruments must be bathed before return.  Instructions for bathing can be provided on request.  Families who return instruments and/or cases in a dirty condition will be charged $40 for cleaning costs.

  1. The YMS Instrument Hire Library has been designed around beginner and student activity. If a hirer or a teacher is not happy with the quality of the whole or part of the instrument, one replacement may occur if an replacement instrument is available. After that time the member will be advised to purchase their own instrument that will satisfy their expectations. The refundable bond will be returned but other monies paid will not be refunded.